Friday, November 23, 2012

Finish Year - 2013

If you are like me you fail every year at new years resolutions. I want to help you get better this year. I want  you to help me get better this year. In order to do this we need to can the idea of New Years resolutions. In 2010 I discovered a new way of living, of setting goals, and of completing tasks that changed my life. I did not know it at the time but I want to let you in on the secret.

This was me in 2010.

4 hours. 19 Minutes. 34 seconds. That is all it took for me to complete a dream I had. OK that is not entirely true. It actually took about 10 months.

My new years resolution for 2010 was going to be "get in shape, get healthy". What daunting task that seemed to be. I was 210 lbs which was the largest I had ever been in my life. I knew I was weak and that I probably was going to give up by January 5th so I approached the new year with scepticism. 

It was about that time that I saw on Facebook that a friend was training to run a marathon. I thought "That is insane!That is impossible. I could never do that."

 Then I thought, "That is it! I will run a marathon. I will force myself to get into shape." Nobody shows up to a marathon without having first beaten his or her body into submission. You have to train or else you will never complete the race.  Looking back this was not forcing myself (I could have quit whenever I wanted to, and boy did I want to) but it was creating a tangible task to work towards finishing.

By creating a tangible task I was able to take smaller steps to achieve my larger goal. The critical element is a tangible goal.  I did not just make the empty declaration "This year I am going to get in shape"! In January of 2010 I said to my wife "I am going to finish the 2010 Columbus Marathon." You may think this is simplistic (and in a way it is) because there are many other factors that will determine whether or not that you complete or reach your goal. Those must be addressed as well. For now, I am suggesting that as we approach a new year lets start off right. Let's not make empty declarations. Lets set achievable goals that we can finish this year.

Not in 10 years. What will you finish in 2013?

This year, 2013, I would like to do an experiment. I would like to see if anybody else out there would like to have a Finish Year with me.  The actual term Finish Year comes from one of my favourite blog writers, John Acuff (, who did this similar experiment with his readers in 2012.

Over the next month I would like to gather as many people as possible who would like to join me in creating a finish list. In short, this is a list of goals that touch each part of our lives, emotion, relational, professional, spiritual and physical and others I am sure. I want you to make a list of tangible goals that you would like to finish in 2013!

Can you feel the energy! I am getting pumped just thinking about how our lives will change in 2013 as a result of doing this together! Stay Tuned. I am going to be developing, revealing and then updating each week of 2013 on how I am doing with each goal and I hope you join me.

Shoot me an email or message on FB if you would like to join in. I know many would like to just do it on your own but from my experience the more people that know about your tasks the harder it is to give up or slack. In 2010, I was telling everybody about my goal of running a marathon and that little exposure I gave helped me to finish my first (probably only) Marathon on October 17, 2010. By the way, the marathon worked, I was healthier than I had ever been (including a 30 lb weight loss!), running a marathon forced me to look at how I was eating which was way more helpful than the running!

Let me know if you want in! Bring somebody along for the journey! It will be much more fun with a friend!


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