Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2013 Finish List

It is here! 2013, the year we are going to Finish. This year we are not going to just hope to do better at something. We are not going to just dream; we are going to practically and proactively pursue our dreams. This is not going to be the year we just started something new or attempt a New Year's resolution. This year when December rolls around we are going to look back at the landscape we traveled and say "Look! See what we FINISHED! 

You are going to do great things this year. They may be simple or complex. Whatever it is you have decided to finish this year I hope it changes your life and impacts the people around you forever!

In November and December of 2012 I wrote a couple of post's encouraging you to think about how to create a Finish List. I am going to write a few more posts helping you develop your list, however, now that January is upon us I am going to reveal my list. I have done one goal for seven areas of life (along with one bonus goal). Feel free to use these areas or come up with your own type of list. This method just helped me make sure I was not overloading in one area and neglecting others.

Whether your list is 3 items or 30 (like my amazing sister is doing in her 30 before 30) do something great this year that is going to make a difference in your life and those around you.

I will be updating once a week on the progress and steps I took that week to complete each task. Come back every Sunday to see how I did the previous week and share how you are doing with your list!

My 2013 Finish List
  • Finish 12 new outing/activities in Columbus that we have never down. 
  • Finish selling 100 lbs of coffee!
  • Finish writing 78,000 words in a year (1,500 words per week.)
  • Finish the 2013 Columbus Half Marathon
  • Finish reading through the Bible and hand writing the book of Proverbs.
  • Finish a budget (readjust lifestyle to meet budget) that is not dependent on my wife's income. 
  • Finish a search for a community group at Church.

  • Finish Max and Deacons room along with the most epic baby nursery design for baby #3


  1. If it helps any I may still have some of those pages of Proverbs you had to write out when you misbehaved as a teen.

  2. ha! That would be good to see...That is what gave me the idea. :)

  3. Great finish list Phil! I look forward to hearing what you learn from it all! I just ran the Columbus half marathon this last fall. I had so much fun. Also hoping to do the Flying Pig in May.

  4. Thanks Wade! It is going to be an exciting journey I think. Are you doing the full or half in May? I did the Columbus marathon once...never again. Half is good enough for me from now on :) Thanks for the note you sent in the mail; we really are excited about all the God has in store for us this year (especially at Veritas) We are attending the Foundations course next weekend. so pumped! Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  5. I think the half in May. Then potentially a full for the Air Force Marathon in the fall. I may run it with at least one other guy to raise money for a non-profit. We may get others to do it with us. I'll let you know and you can join us!

  6. how lovely is this! found you via your comment over on Tsh's blog. I'm percolating how I want 2013 to go, what I want it to be, etc. this is super-duper! I very much like your categories, I think that way too, and I know I need to bring attention to some of these areas that have been neglected. good luck to you, I'll be following along!

  7. Wade, I am serious I will never do that to my body again. Hit me up for some cash though :) The best thing I will say to prepare is research the nutrition it takes to train for that. It will really help if you eat right.

  8. Julia - Thanks for stopping by! Tsh is so great and I love all that she does. I tell people I read her blog Simple Mom because my wife is not into reading blogs so I keep her informed but deep down I really just enjoy her take on life! I hope 2013 is awesome for you! see you around :)

  9. You are very encouraging Phil.. I'll be praying!