Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wonderstruck #3 : By the Trinity

Jake Weidmann's craft is flawless. To master a form of art is incredibly laboring. This type of perfection does not come without a cost. His art does not look real. It looks machine made it. However, it is not; Jake has clearly put in the time it takes to create something so beautiful that no words can articulate what you are gazing upon.

Jake's art evokes wonder.

One theological term has also caused me to wonder: Trinity. The reality that God is three persons and at the same time He is one God. Again, this is something so beautiful that no words can articulate what you are contemplating right now.  You become wonderstruck.

In Jake's "Trinity Lion Series" he is wonderstruck. He has no words for the beautiful reality of an indescribable God. He has no words so he recreates metaphors that display the beauty of this reality and guide the viewer into a deeper understanding and appreciation for who God is and the reality of His closeness.

Father - The Consuming Fire
Son - The Crucified King
Holy Spirit - The Living Water

"Drawing on his minor in Biblical studies, Weidmann re-imagines Holy Trinity iconography in his Trinity Lion series. The ancient Hebrew tribe of Judah used a lion to serve as its symbol—signifying loyalty, might and dominion. In these three-part paintings, Weidmann creates metaphors of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in The Consuming Fire, The Crucified King and The Living Water. The many names of God come to life with piercing eyes and depth that spans centuries in these modern depictions of a timeless devotion."

This post and element of my blog this year was inspired by author Margaret Feinberg who just released her new Book which I cannot wait to read, you guessed it, Wonderstruck!

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