Friday, January 4, 2013

Wonderstruck #4 : By Unconditional love

December 30, 2012. This date marked 6 years of marriage with my best friend-Gina Marie. We have had an incredible journey over these years and much has happened. Birthdays, Finishing school, Moving, Kids, Fights, moving, Ministry, Dates (which tonight is Date night! woohoo!), dancing, movies, moving. It has not been easy but it has been a blast and so worth it. 

When somebody comes face to face with the truth of who you really are and stays; When they see your good, bad and ugly and they stick around, there is nothing of greater value. A friendship that is not based on any set of conditions, one that simply loves you because you are you; this kind of love is a gift. 

It is a love like this that reveals the love of God. It displays brightly that God loves us when we were unlovable. A love like this reveals He cares for us immeasurably more than we can imagine. When we encounter a love like this, the love that stays, we experience grace. We experience God. We become wonderstruck. 

 *   *   *   *   *   *

"Sweet girl with brown eyes"

It made it hard to breathe when she held her tight to her chest.
The future was uncertain but she knew this was best.
Into a strangers arms you were placed and they told her this was wise.
She wondered what would become of the sweet girl with brown eyes.

The car could not go fast enough on that beautiful summer day.
It felt like they were traveling 100 miles per hour all the way.
Deep tears of joy quickly came as no surprise.
When gently they were handed the sweet girl with brown eyes.

He went to church one summer day just like he was used to.
But his little third grade heart skipped a beat when he saw somebody new.
He knew that she was the one, even if she was taller in size.
There was just something special about that sweet girl with brown eyes.

The sun shined bright on that winter’s day that could not be better
In the old brick church sanctuary, family and friends gathered together.
The doors finally opened to reveal that it had only been a disguise
For behind it stood the beaming, sweet girl with brown eyes.

They look to her with wonder like she is something from above.
The care she gives them is unmatched and always wrapped in love.
Whether they are happy or sad; whether one laughs or one cries.
It will always be certain, she is their Mama, that sweet girl with brown eyes.

Like a candle in a dark place, her beauty is easy to see.
She has the spirit of a river that is always running free
but steadfast is her love and so it comes with no surprise
Gina Marie, my beauty is clearly the sweet girl with brown eyes

 *I know the poem is about her eyes but boy does that smile get to me too. wow.

This post and element of my blog this year was inspired by author Margaret Feinberg who just released her new Book which I cannot wait to read, you guessed it, Wonderstruck!

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