Monday, February 18, 2013

Your Mom

  • Your mom is to be treasured. Tell her how special she is. A lot.

Max is getting to the age where he knows how to say nice things to get his way. He is quite good at it actually.

"Papa, you are really strong...Let's play Avengers. You can you be Hulk"

I'm going to play every time with a pep talk like that.

He recently started saying "I love you", which when he does it without being prompted just melts your heart. Unless it is followed by "I please have some fruit snacks?"

I noticed that when he says this to his mom, he looks at her in the eyes and says "I love you", he smiles and snuggles in real close for a hug. He has no agenda. He just treasures her. He truly from the bottom of his heart loves her and wants her to know that.

Max you are doing a great job. Keep it up son.
Deacon, I know you can't say it yet but you are the biggest cuddle bug and I know she feels it  from you too.

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