Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wear your hat backwards

4. Wear your hat backwards

Listen, you guys are young so this will totally work for you...right now.
Be cool or hot, whatever they are calling it these days. Just enjoy it because when you are a older it will be time to turn it around and be a man

If you don't flip the bill it can make for some awkward moments. Seriously, these guys are talented and successful men. I really do respect them. Really. But the hat? Come on.

Even if you become president keep it forward. The title of most powerful man in the world does not give you the freedom to wear the hat as you please. Just keep it FORWARD, Mr. President.

I know of only two  exceptions to this rule.

Exception #1 : You are Ken Griffey Jr.

(you are not him, so don't do it)
(as awesome as he looks, again you are not him, so don't do it)

Exception #2 : If you are in an umpire dispute you have my permission to turn your hat around.  

You are not a grown man now so rock that backwards hat like you're the Fresh Prince himself!

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