Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spinnin Boys

  • Spinning = Fun = Thankfulness
  • Enjoy it while you can and be grateful that you could!
As a little boy you must realize that this is the greatest time of your life. There are things in life that amuse you as a little boy that you just cannot as an adult.

Take spinning in circles for example.

If this were me and my brothers, all of whom are in our 20's, this video would just be awkward. It would be awkward because we would not be enjoying it as much as Max and Deac. It would feel unnatural and we would not enjoy it mostly because it would make us sick.

However, they do not get sick no matter how many times they spin and enjoy every moment of this game.Two toddler's spinning is perfectly natural. This is something new for them and the thrill of just going around in circles is exciting. Deacon literally just learned how to do this a day prior to the video being shot.

When you discover something new in life, something exciting, suck all the life you can out of that moment. Whether it is a new relationship, a new coffee, a good song, time spent with your kids or parents or just a walk around the neighborhood. Reach deep into your soul and meditate on the joy you are experiencing. It won't be long and that excitement of the new will pass. Appreciate these moments in life when you are able to get everything out of life that there is to get and soak it up.

When you are able to consciously realize you are experiencing something good you can be grateful to God for giving you those moments. The boy with a grateful heart is the boy that finds life to be the most meaningful because he realizes that life, special moments spinning around the basement, is a gift. The very fact that you have healthy legs to enjoy such a special moment is a gift that was given to you from a God one that loves you very much. Tell Him thank you for these moments.

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