Wednesday, January 23, 2013


2. There is always time for a story

OBD : Is the premeditated sequence of manipulative requests that a child (typically around the age of 2) will attempt to engage in with the parent, with the hope that the inevitable laying down of said child is postponed.

Max perfected operation bedtime delay (OBD) at an early age. I am sure the others will learn from him as well. He was so cute in his attempts we always caved in. I knew he was tricking me and I just could not say no. Literally, I would stay there and say to myself, "Sucker". He knew too because as he was going pee for the 2nd time in 3 minutes he would look over and just smirk.

Tactics of OBD
  • "I have to go potty"
    • seriously, how do you say no to that?
  • "I need a drink"
    • even though you know this will lead to the first tactic, you cave. 
  • "I need to my "doggy" (insert bear, dolly, whatever). 
    • Max hides his so he pretends that it is lost and can use this about 20 minutes after laying down.
  • "My pj's are scratchy"
    • You are just mean if your kid is scratchy all night. 
  • When I was a kid we sang a song and prayed every night.
    • If you kid asks you to do this good luck saying no. You can't.
There are hundreds of these devious deceptions so be warned young parent. If you are a grandparent do not attempt to dodge these. You will never be able to overcome their power.

There is one that I find incredibly difficult to say no fact I think there is always time for this one. If Max says tell me a story I always (99%) cave.
  • "Tell me a story papa!"
    • If they add "bible" in front of story consider it over. I can't say no to this. Ever.
This is incredibly hard for me to say no to because, stories will teach your children more about life than any form of teaching. There is something about stories that grips our hearts and minds like no other teaching mechanism. Add this to going straight to bed to lay in bed and think about this story and you have an incredible oppurtunity.

Some of our favorites right now:

TJSB is for ages 4 and up but it has the most incredible art and the best written children's bible out there.


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