Monday, January 21, 2013

An Introduction

I am blessed beyond measure to be the Papa of some incredible boys. Being a father is one of the hardest and heaviest responsibilities I have ever taken on in my life. That being said, it must be proclaimed that I love being their dad.

I love wrestling matches and playing with trucks. I love painting pictures and singing silly songs. I love trying to figure out their personalities and how to love them best.

It is my hope that through this series of posts I will be able to teach, encourage, and challenge my boys to become men of character.  I want to leave them these posts so they have a way to hear my voice when I am not with them. I want to always be teaching them what it means to be a boy now a man later.
Some of the topics that I will cover will be as varied as topics under the sun. Sports, Business, Faith, Relationships, how to catch bullfrogs. Anything my boys will need advice on I hope to have for them here. This may give you a taste of the topics I will speak to:

As Boys,
I want them to have fun
I want them to learn the value of every human
I want them to respect, obey and cherish their Mama.
I want them to learn the value of giving
I want them to be learners

As men,
I want them to use their time wisely.
I want them to be work hard.
I want them to manage their wealth and possessions well.
I want them to treat women with great honor and dignity.
I want them to love Jesus above anything else.

I hope that among the plethora of topics I write about you find something that is helpful. I hope that you can share the advice with your son (whether you are a mom or a dad). This in the end is about me thinking through the needs of my boys and how to help them grow as individuals. Like my boys, your children have needs specific to who they are. I hope this series encourages you to take time to really learn and study your children and be engaged in teaching them.

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