Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super Hero Narrator

It seems like every day Max wants to be a different super hero. He throws on his Superman, Spiderman, or Batman costumes/pj's and can change his identity in a moment.

As the family super hero guru he his is also the Super Hero Narrator; he has the responsibility to assign everybody in the family their role in the epic family adventure narrative we are all characters in.

I was batman for awhile. I really liked being Batman because I drive a 2005 Black Grand Prix and I called it my Batmobile. I just imagined a swarm of bats flying behind me squeeling down 71 on my way to work.

Mama was Ironman despite failed attempts to convince Max that she would be a better Black Widow or Catwomen...this is his dream world not mine :)

Deacon was Captain America.  Clearly a good choice.

Jordan got a sweet 2013 Black VW Beetle. Consequently, Max realized Bruce Wayne (Jordan) has more money than papa and promoted Jordan to be Batman. That was fine. Whatever.

I was not thrilled about this because I loved my role.

Then I was given my new assignment.

A strength unmatched was beginning to rise from within me. I could feel the power from my toes to my head.

"Papa, you can be Hulk!"

Yes! This was great new. I would absolutely love being Hulk. He is so strong and can blame temper tantrums on his issues. I get to be green which is pretty sweet too.

As Super Hero Narrator your choices are important and effect the outworking of all super hero activities. If the maximum level of fun is going to be achieved you need to take this role seriously.

It was a smart move by Max to make me Hulk.  
He knew as a result of this move I would be uncontrollable.
I would let my emotions get to me.
I would go over the top with my character and as a result maximum fun level would be reached almost every time.

I would throw the boys around and wrestle them to the ground until they were a pulp. Max would laugh until he cried because I would not be able to be stopped from tickling him. I could throw max from a height of 4 feet, through the air horizontally 10-12 feet in the TBBP

Well played Max.

By the way, Max, the other day when you were saying that you were Hulk because you had a green shirt were just kidding right?

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